Spring Wedding Venue Surrey

Apr 17, 2023

Spring is a perfect time to get married at Ramster wedding venue, the azaleas, rhododendrons, camellias and magnolias burst into colour in our garden creating a beautiful backdrop for wedding photographs.  We asked newly weds Charlotte and Joel about their big day and why they choose to get married at our venue.

What were the main reasons for selecting Ramster Hall as your wedding venue and choosing springtime to get married?

Ramster Hall is a beautiful, cosy and inviting place – and this was plain to see immediately when we first visited. When she was a child, my wife Charlotte and her family had visited the gardens over the years and they always thought it was a wonderful spot. I, however, had never been, having grown up outside of the area. I still remember first driving down the driveway through the front gates, privately just thinking ‘wow’. The sweeping lane, the trees and shrubs framing the gentle journey like a canopy into another world had me transfixed. And before I knew it, I was imagining how it would feel to drive down this lane on my wedding day and how all our wedding guests would feel doing the same.

Springtime is our favourite season, before it gets too hot and all of nature is starting to bloom and show off. It felt natural that we’d be in Ramster – a venue that seems to live amongst the flowers and greenery – for our wedding in the season, especially because we wanted to have the rhododendrons in our photos!

Ramster Hall Wedding Venue

Outside Ramster Hall Wedding Venue

What was the colour scheme or theme for your wedding?

We were mindful of the season and wanted to celebrate that in the colour scheme for our wedding, which also complemented the interior of Ramster. The flowers had a very natural feel with shades of white, blue, mid-tone pink and light greenery. The bridesmaids had mint green dresses and there were pinks hinted at throughout the groom’s party outfits to complement the flowers.

Were there particular features of Ramster Hall and Garden that you wanted included in your wedding photographs?

The rhododendrons, the sweeping path and sprawling gardens, the archway leading into the hall, the intimate and cosy architecture inside; it all felt like a fairy-tale and one that we wanted to remember forever in our photos. We were very lucky to have David Weightman (Married To My Camera) taking the photos on the day and he perfectly captured all of these elements in his beautiful and captivating documentary-style photography.

Wedding photography by Married To My Camera

Wedding photography in Ramster Garden taken by Married To My Camera

Tell us a bit more about the wedding menu and cake. Was there anything you would do differently?

We chose the menu based on a Jacaranda Tasting evening, which was a delightful experience. We arrived thinking we knew what we wanted for our menu, but then were taken on a bit of a culinary journey which saw us completely rethinking it all. It resulted in an unforgettable menu on the day which garnered so many compliments and repetitions of “this is the best wedding food I’ve ever had” that we lost count.

Our delicious cake was provided by The Polkadot Cakery. We chose a three-tier cake, with the layers being Victoria sponge, carrot cake and lemon – a mix of our own favourites and flavours guaranteed to please our guests. On the morning of the wedding, I had the pleasure of meeting our baker as she was setting up the stunning cake and decorating it with the flowers kindly supplied by our florist, Cherfold Flowers. Not only did the cake go down really well with our guests – evidenced by how quickly it started to disappear after we cut it – but we also managed to hold enough back for us to enjoy in the days afterwards.

Bubbles in Ramster Hall Garden Courtyard

Bubbles in Ramster Hall Garden Courtyard

How did Ramster Hall deliver as a place to get married in and as a wedding reception venue?

As the bride and groom, we were running on adrenaline for much of the day, and that meant we needed to steal ourselves away from time to time to rest and recharge. Some of the most magical moments in the evening were spent quietly sitting together on a bench in the courtyard while our guests were enjoying themselves inside. The way Ramster Hall is laid out, with separate spaces to find peace or to dance wildly or to have conversations over cups of tea or glasses of wine, makes it such a perfect place to get married. Our impression was that Ramster doesn’t wall guests in; instead it gives them the freedom to enjoy and celebrate the day in a way which suits them whilst still being part of the day and the celebration as a whole.

We were absorbed by the history of Ramster Hall, and both became particular fans of the portraits on the walls, so full of character and life. The sense that it was part of a family home came through in such a warm and fascinating way.

Inside Ramster Wedding Venue

What were the biggest highlights or special moments of the day?

The ceremony was, of course, the most special part of the day. As the groom, I’ll never forget standing at the front as the entrance music began to play, the subtle nod our registrar gave me to indicate that Charlotte was walking down the aisle, the two or three eternities I felt waiting to turn and look, and then finally when I gave in and saw the rest of my life.

Will you revisit Ramster Gardens to celebrate your anniversary?

We won’t be able to visit on our anniversary sadly, but we will be visiting this year. We have actually been back already, as the whole family loves the place anyway!

Who were your suppliers, did they meet your expectations?

Caterers: Jacaranda
Delicious, superb service; they went above-and-beyond in every expectation and garnered countless compliments from our guests who were floored by the quality of the food and service.

Photographer: Married To My Camera
Neither of us typically enjoy our photo being taken but David made it so effortless. He was so slick, often snapping away, capturing moments without us even noticing him. It was a joy to work with him before, during and after the day.

Florist: Cherfold Flowers 
Caroline almost felt like a family friend by the end of the wedding planning, she was so attentive, creative and proud of what she and her team did. The flowers were perfect on the day.

Band: Brooklyn
For a couple who never dance, Brooklyn had us on the dance floor all night. Remarkable musicianship, creative and hugely entertaining.

Cake: Polkadot Cakery
An absolutely delicious cake that was a huge hit with us and our guests. It was a sad moment when we finished the last slice!

Hair/Makeup:  Arabella Hewitt
Working with Arabella to create my wedding hair and make-up look was an absolute joy. She made a slightly daunting process easy and so much fun. Her organisation and professionalism on the morning of the wedding meant everything ran like clockwork and made for a very relaxing introduction to a big day.

Transportation: Brooklands Wedding Cars
A fantastic service – so professional and forward-thinking. The car looked wonderful on the day.

Bride’s outfit:  The Farnham Boutique
Beautiful selection of dresses

Groom and ushers’ outfits: Chimney Menswear
Chimney were fantastic and catered really well to our needs. As we had a woman as one of our ushers, Chimney worked with us all to put together a suit that truly looked amazing on the day.


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You can find lots of information about Ramster on this website, but if you'd prefer to sit and relax with our brochure, please click here. All you need to do is give us your contact details and we'll mail it to you.


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